News, May 20, 2019

Next Up: Just Break Stuff!

The wait for the next Clan Games is almost over! Check out the rewards available to you and your Clan Mates for each of the point tiers:

Dates: May 22-28
Max points per player: 4000

Tier 1: 3000
Rewards: Training Potion (x1), Clocktower Potion (x1), Gems (x60)

Tier 2: 7500
Rewards: Elixir (40%), Hero Potion (x1), Power Potion (x1)

Tier 3: 12000
Rewards: Gold (40%), Training Potion (x2), Gems (x100)

Tier 4: 18000
Rewards: Dark Elixir (40%) /Resource Potion (x2), Gold (60%), Builder Potion (x1)

Tier 5: 30000
Rewards: Rune of Builder Elixir (x1), Elixir/Dark Elixir (60%), Shovel of Obstacles (x2)

Tier 6: 50000
Rewards: Book of Everything (x1), Wall Ring (x10), Gems (x150)

Boosted Tasks

Completing the following tasks will earn you double points (these will be marked in yellow as usual):

  • Eagle Artillery Elimination
  • Gold Mine Mayhem
  • Gold Storage Raid
  • Wizard Tower Warfare
  • Archer Tower Assault
  • Clan Castle Charge
  • Destroy Inferno Towers
  • Destroy Tesla Towers
  • Destroy X-Bows
  • Gold Grab
  • Gold Challenge
  • Open Walls Day
  • Pile of Victories
  • Cannon Carnage
  • Builder Hall Blow-Up
  • Bombs Away!
  • Gem Heist
  • Breaking Glass
  • Exotic 11s
  • Noble 9s
  • All You Need is War
  • Slaying the Titans
  • Shocking Turn of Events
  • Battle Blimp Boogie
  • Electro Dragon Mania
  • Wall Wipe Out

Completing tasks in Clan Games will count towards the "Strongman's Friend" task in Season Challenges too :)

Clash On!

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