News, Dec 10, 2018

December 2018 Update - Patch Notes

The Winter 2018 Update has arrived!

There's a ton of new content in this release and we're here to break it all down for you!

New Troop: The Ice Golem

  • The Ice Golem is a brand new Dark Elixir Troop that unlocks at Town Hall 11 when you update your Dark Barracks to level 8.

New Spell: Bat Spell

  • The Bat Spell is a new Dark Elixir Spell that targets enemy defenses with an army of angry bats.

New Siege Machine: The Stone Slammer

  • The Stone Slammer is a brand new TH12 Siege Machine that targets enemy defenses from the skies by dropping devastating boulders and causes splash damage.

New Magic Items: Shovel of Obstacles & Hero Potion

  • The Shovel of Obstacles allows you to move a single obstacle on your village anywhere on the map.
  • The Hero Potion will grant your Hero +5 levels up to the max allowed for your Town Hall level.

New Building Levels

  • Dark Barracks level 8
  • Dark Spell Factory level 5
  • Siege Workshop level 3

Other Changes (Home Village)

    • New extra War Layout slots are available: first extra slot costs 1000 gems, second extra slot costs 1500 gems, third extra slot costs 2000 gems.
    • Players can change the Siege Machine/Clan Castle choice after the battle begins but before any units have been deployed.
    • Grand Warden mode can be changed during battle before it has been deployed
    • Any excess League Medals over the cap of 2500 will receive their rewards in the form of Gems. The conversion rate is 10 League Medals per Gem.
    • New Achievement: Signing in to your Supercell ID account.
    • Support for 2018 iPad Pro model.
    • Very wide screen devices like the iPhone X and Honor P20 will now have a bit more space to zoom out so players can see as much village as on other devices.
    • Settings menu: Enable/disable 2-row unit deployment bar in Home Village (tablets only, disabled by default).

    Balance Changes (Builder Base)

    • Reduce Cannon Cart DPS by 15%
    • Make 3rd Cannon Cart available at level 10 instead of 16
    • Reduce Super P.E.K.K.A HP by 5%
    • Increase Baby Dragon HP by 7.5%
    • Reduce upgrade times of Builder Base troops in Star Laboratory
    • Make it possible to upgrade Gem Mine up to level 3 in Builder Hall level 3

    Bug Fixes

    • The village editor view mode does not reset to normal when toggling erase mode while scout or wall mode is enabled.
    • Hide the effect of unarmed traps when scout or wall mode is enabled.
    • Fixed (again) Wall Wreckers getting stuck on decorations.
    • Fixed clan badge occasionally blinking for 1 frame when Clan Castle is in sleep mode.
    • Donated Siege Machines gives 30 housing space to Clan Games tasks.
    • Setting name during tutorial is correctly using profanity filter instead of causing out of sync.
    • Clock Tower boost will remain paused after maintenance
    • Before starting a battle in Builder Base, if a defensive building or trap is under construction it will show its proper level graphics in the icon.

    Seasonal Clashmas Content

    • Loading screen
    • Holiday music
    • Seasonal obstacle
    • Snow effect and snow-covered buildings (Turn Snow on/off in the More Settings menu).

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